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ozawa_chan's Journal

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We'll leave footprints in the middle of the future to the place where the flower of love blossoms. ~Ya-Ya-yah~

About me:
- My username is ozawa, but just 'oza' is enough
- A fangirl addicted to Johnny boys since 2006
- Since I'm busy with real life, I won't update my LJ anymore. However, all of my Taiga-related posts can be found in kyomototaiga community (so please join the comm;). My drama-movie uploading is posted at plotboxes comm.
- Have no goal in my boring life, but have a big dream of going to Japan and attending my favorite boys' concerts

My Top 3:
Kyomoto Taiga: my addiction
KAT-TUN: 6nin, 5nin and Jin Akanishi
Ya-Ya-yah: the most awesome junior group that never be forgotten
SKE48: my KamiOshi is Matsui Rena ♥ the group itself is full of interesting girls

+ Also like the other Johnny groups (especially A.B.C-Z)
+ Hope that Taiga will debut with Anderson, Noeru and Myuto
+ Watch Jdrama, Jmovie, read manga (but I barely watch anime)

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