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Shin Domoto Kyoudai 2013.08.18

Shin Domoto Kyoudai 2013.08.18 - Akimoto Yasushi and SKE48

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4shared: 001 | 002 | 003
Softsubs by Aidol

*You can watch the Mecha-ike mentioned in this ep HERE
* any mirror link is appreciated.

Taiga-Myuto date

Taiga was spotted in Shibuya with Juri
and went to Disney Sea with Myuto, Nakada, Shime... and (maybe Noeru)

ahhhhh~ Taiga went on a date with Myuto~

lalalalalalalalalalala the fangirl inside me is dancing singing v(^o^)v


Shin did a backfilp while Taiga ... lol Shin is a guy now <3 Taiga, i just love him <3 such an adorable guy although it always pains me when September approaches

his smile ♥

Both Kame and Nakamaru will have dramas next season. I wonder which drama KAT-TUN will sing theme song for. Please go back to KAT-TUN's old style music. I'm getting bored of KT songs recently :(

Aug. 12th, 2013

Dear downloader,

If you only left a comment to ask for new links (because due to some reasons, I was unable to upload on my usual host), I would ignore your request.

Seriously, you didn't leave any comment in the whole season until I provided different links than usual for ep.6, you only showed up to request. It pissed me off. That's why I only re-uploaded drama I love instead of those in high demand.

My choice of uploading sites
(1) 4shared: best uploading speed. However, one of my accounts was deleted because of copyright.
(2) filecloud: slower uploading speed but it never stops halfway. Sometimes, files are gone for no reason.
(3) zippyshare: sometimes, it stops uploading and I have to start over again.
(last) mega: only works ONCE for me. It keeps refreshing itself and re-starting the uploading process.

Gekiryuu is almost done (one ep is left). Yamada-kun is just started. Love that drama ♥ pure crack lol The pace of LIMIT is kinda slow for me =/ It should move faster like LIFE. Any Jdrama fans read my LJ? I wanna make some friends to discuss about Jdrama =)


Finished 35-sai no koukousei since the last ep sub is out :3 I ship Nomura Shohei and Shinkawa Yua now. Although both of them were in GTO, I only thought they were good, and it didn't hit the level of "like." The more I watch their dramas/movies, the more I like them. Please put them as an official couple in some romance drama XD

So the dramas I watch this season are:Collapse )

There are many membership requests. The reason is obvious. I have mixed feeling. Although I like how people join the comm to get known more about Taiga, it's painful to read how the members declare, "I join that comm but I have no interest in Taiga." =( some even dislike Taiga. Please. If you don't like him, why join his comm and bash him in public? For Kamen Teacher? Ling also provides softsubs for torrent file, no need to get our raw. For Bakaleya movie? the raw can be reposted. You can also find it on asiatorrents, hello torrents, plotboxes, etc. If the file are ours, we let people repost. If the raw is from weibo or somewhere else, we try our best to ask for permission before posting. You think we did it for fandom fame. NOOOOOO, if we wanted to be popular in fandom, we would have picked popular group or popular juniors to share, not this mere junior named Kyomoto Taiga. Personally, I want to keep all Taiga files in one place so that if my hard drive dies, I still have backup. On the other hand, we want to keep them all available (especially old files) for new fans who enter the fandom later. Everyone is new at first. I remembered how I joined the fandom back then, there was no HD file, it was hard to get junior scans. I had to ask people at boys_paper to scan Taiga pages, struggled with clubbox speed to download SC and YOUtachi, etc. With Taiga comm, we hope to save the hassle for new fans. I know the majority of members are neutral fans. I don't mind. I hope to convince them to be Taiga fan later :p I'm just mad at haters. Dear haters:

"we don't share anything that exclusive here so if you are not interested in Taiga perhaps you shouldn't join" --from a friend :P
Watching AKB48 Sousenkyo. Wishing that Rena will move up to one-digit ranking >"< I hope my sole one vote can help her
English stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhtkC79muqs
Japanese stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtEp1EXV-g8

In the next 9 hours, I will be flying to Anaheim to visit my friend. 5-day vacation so I will leave both work and fandom behind me in those 5 days. Please contact kelwy if you need any immediate help regarding kyomototaiga

Disneyland, here I come
Ocean, I miss you
Vietnamese food, wait for me

Asaka Kodai and Mizuno Erina

I saw Asaka again

After watching Kirishima, Bukatsu Yameru tte yo, I wanted to write sth about him having movie and forgot. Now, he got a (even) better role in Aku no Kyouten. Good for him. Since he left Johnny's, I knew he joined a talent agency but didn't hear any major update about him until those two movies. I was surprised and happy for him. True that it took him 4-5 years to land proper roles, but it's beyond amazing *_* At first, I thought Asaka joined another agency wouldn't get him any big exposure, maybe just some occasional stage play. It proved me wrong, and I like it <3 it gives me hope that Shoon, Taiyo and Yuta can success further in entertainment industry. Not only stage play and local radio, I wish them all will have chance to be in movie as main supporting actors.

Nothing about JE. Mainly my opinion and interest about Asaka and MizunoCollapse )


Shin Domoto Kyoudai 2013.05.19

Shin Domoto Kyoudai 2013.05.19
Guests: Kamenashi Kazuya and Motoki Daisuke

Zippyshare: 001 | 002 | 003
Mirror uploaded by tomapiya: mediafire, mega, 4shared <3
Japanese softsub (someone please sub it XD)
Source: Hello!Online

Katayose Ryota

I dreamed about Snow Man last night. Better dream this time XD I forgot most of it, but I somewhat remember that I joined a dance class taught by Snow Man. There, I had enough guts to initiate conversation with Miyadate (in case you don't know, he's my most favorite MSM). I begged him to let me be his student and dance with him. But he became grumpy and yelled that, "Do you know that I'm nervous when you're around?" Kyaaaa, like a shojo romance X"> okay, there are many ways to interpret it but please let me live in my hopeless fantasy :P Phone alarm woke me up from that darling dream though =/ due to more snow falling, my work site delayed its open time until 10am. One more hour in bed (not going to complain but the traffic was horrible again). What's with this year? Snow in 4 consecutive weeks already. Last week was terrible with all bombing and plant explosion that killed people. RIP.

fufufuCollapse )