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48 election

Since my Japan trip, I have been flying at least once every month due to work. Although it is nice to visit many States for free, I start to get sick of spending too much time on airplane, airport and driving. I'm in Astoria, Oregon now. It keeps raining for a whole day. I want to try sushi/fresh raw fish but my coworker does not like sushi so we keep eating American seafood everyday. Cannot wait to go back home to escape this gloomy weather. Don't get me wrong, Astoria is a nice town, Cape Disappointment is not a disappointment at all, but I just miss Asian food and the sun so much.

48group election is this weekend. I'm going to stay up a whole night as I did every previous year. Youku is going to stream entire election? I hope Youku stream will work in my favor. I disliked Fuji TV for disrupting girls' speeches from last year. Gotta get a box of tissues ready. In prelim result, number of ranked SKE is 3rd. I know HKT is doing well recently, but still pray for a miracle that SKE will have the most ranked member again. We want a new original stage (Can I trust Akimoto-sensei to keep his promise this time?).

My friends and I are going to Chicago and Toronto this August. Is there any recommendation? Good restaurant? Nice place to check out?