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Long time no see ^_^ I finally have time to update my dusty livejournal lol

My last winter break was one of the best time of my life. I came back to my home country, and had fabulous good time with my relative and friends. I was glad that even though my friends and I had not met for 6 years, but there were still this special spark, connection, bond between us. We made same joke, shared same interest in food, travel, etc. Why couldn’t every day be like that T_T and then, I got to spend 3 days in Singapore :3 what a nice country. I really want to come back again. I loved the food there. FYI, I didn’t go to any fancy restaurant there. Mostly street food, market food. In Chinatown, I had the best egg noodle I’ve ever tasted in my entire life :D~ it was so damn good. And frog cuisine was delicious too. Since my friend and I stayed at her cousin’s apartment, I only spent 300 usd including airfare. It was cheap for me :p Next time, I better bring extra clothes to Sentosa lol

Last month, I graduated for second time and got my master degree >_< no more studying //throwing papers in the air// last 2 months had been hectic, and it explained my lack of presence on livejournal (I even deactivated my FB, and it was worth it). I’m back to my social life XD Now, I’m job hunting =_= I don’t want to be a researcher anymore, so I told my boss I’m looking for some technical job, and she let me stay here until I find another job. She’s so nice. Everyone is nice here, it’s hard for me to leave but this kind of job is not suitable for me (plus my fear of doing presentation in front of big crowd, urgh)

My friend invited me to join him and other guys to do a Europe backpacking tour. I have to DECLINE T__T I really want to go though. But first of all, I would be the only girl in the group o.O I was happy that he invited me because he thought I could handle the trip based on my last Japan trip (going to Japan by myself without knowing the language) but… I meant… being with 4 guys in unfamiliar countries =_= I’d rather go by myself. Besides, they will be there for a whole month which is impossible for me because I need to get a job first. Sigh… what a pity! I really want to visit Europe someday (Italy, Scotland, France, Britain, etc.) I will make that wish come true soon ^^ Faito~

KAT-TUN new single, album and dvd. Really? Is that how KAT-TUN welcome me back to the fandom lol I’m still waiting for my dvd because I combined it with AKB single to vote for my kamioshi Rena this year again. The shipping is EMS but the package is still stuck at LA =_= I hope it will arrive sooner because I need to vote asap. I currently enjoy watching FIRST CLASS. Nakamaruuuuu. Not to mention I also admire Erika (as an actress) despite her scandal. At first, I didn’t have high hope for FIRST CLASS because of its time slot. The story is written in a rush way, but overall I like the tension built up there. All actresses, actors play their respective roles well. There are many b!tches in the drama, but I can’t get myself to hate them. Unlike Nino’s drama. It was good at first, but now I feel like dropping it anytime. BORDER is also in my watch-list this season.

GTOooooo. I’m excited!!! There are 2 Johnnys as expected but I don’t care about them at all. YURIAAAAA. She’s in GTO with RYOTAAAAAAA &^*$%^&*^*^@#@ a must watch. Seem like transferring Yuria from SKE to AKB did well in her favor. She has been saying that she wants to be an actress, so I’m happy for her to be in GTO. Face it, being in SKE won’t help her much in achieving her dream. The only way to make it big in showbiz is to move to Tokyo. I’m sad that I will no longer see this adorable baka in SKE senbatsu, but wish her good luck in AKB. And RYOTAAA. This will be my first time seeing him act. Another GENERATIONS member is also in GTO – Leo, so let’s see if there will be any interaction between them. I hope Yuria, Ryota and Leo will be main students.

Kindaichi drama <3 I love Kindaichi Case Files manga so there’s no reason for me not to watch it. Besides, I like Yamada’s acting too. I don’t remember which drama will be in next season, but will give all drama first episode try and decide later. I read somewhere that there’ll be Hanzawa Naoki second season. Looking forward to it too.

Besides school, another reason I had been neglected LJ lately is manga and anime. I found this library from my way to work, and surprisingly, they have all manga released in US <3 L O V E. The manga I checked out last 3 months so far: Dengeki Daisy, Bakuman, Fairy and the Earl, Attack on Titan, Happy Marriage!!. I’m AOT addicted now. Already pre-ordering AOT Limit Edition which will be on sale next Tuesday. I’m surprised by how popular it is here. I wore my Survey Corps T-shirt to school one day, and 3 guys whom I never talked before said, “Nice Shirt!” “You watched Attack on Titan too.” and then we chatted lol 2 of them are not into anime, but good words were spreading around so they watched and ended up liking it. I can’t wait to get AOT in my hands, be lazy, sit on my sofa, drink Starbucks, eat snack and watch AOT. It would be a perfect Sunday for me. No worries, just relax, and be at home.

Taiga. I’m sorry that I could not do more for the comm =_= I don’t know Japanese so I can’t translate (really thankful to the person who posted his trans recently, I think I saw someone did a group of juniors (including Taiga)’ translation on Taiga comm friend’s page but she didn’t link it to the comm despite she’s a member =_= did I do something wrong as a mod that people don’t want to post in the comm T_T). I don’t feel like talking about Taiga now because it will end up as a depressing post T_T

Movie. So many good Jmovie coming out during my hiatus, but NO SUBS. At least I got to watched Galileo movie with engsub on the airplane to Asia, so no complain about that. But how about ROOMMATE, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, Strawberry Night, etc.? There are so many movies I want to watch but no sub. If anyone who knows Japanese and willingly translates, I absolutely offer my help in timing m(_ _)m

How is my fandom friend doing? ^^; anything excited, good happened to your favorite juniors?


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May. 28th, 2014 11:56 am (UTC)
Come to France~~ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
May. 29th, 2014 02:42 am (UTC)
If I go to Europe, I definitely stop by France XD

Btw, I saw your comment at plotboxes. I downloaded Jmovies from asiatorrents[dot]me so check it out ;)
May. 29th, 2014 08:23 am (UTC)
I admire people backpacking. I'd be totally unable to do that xD

oh~ thank you~ but it's actually "invite only" haha
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